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Alto + Tenor Sax

Timp + 4

Piano (jazz)



Dancing and Romancing

Broadway and Hollywood combine for a romantic and entertaining evening of song and dance with two veterans of the Broadway stage:  Joan Hess and Kirby Ward.  Inspired by the likes of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and Eleanor Powell, this evening will put a song in your heart and have you dancing in the aisles!


"Wow! ... one of the most prolific Pops performances in recent history... Hess and Ward sang and danced their way through a nearly two-hour show and did so flawlessly... The energy generated on the stage was palpable."

          - Alan Adams (Las Vegas Review-Journal)


“What a nightmare, being asked to dance like Astaire.  But Kirby Ward did it.  His partner, Joan Hess, matched his grace and energy.  She might even be a better dancer than Ginger Rogers.”

          - Mary Kunz Goldman (The Buffalo News Inc.)


“In addition to marveling at the seemingly limitless gifts of the two singer/dancers, we got to revel in some of the greatest music ever composed.”

          - Jim Ruggirello (Gazettes - Long Beach)