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The 3 Broadway Divas

While they are magnificent on their own, together they are simply magical. The 3 Broadway Divas bring their Broadway experience and energy to the stage in a spectacular blend of Broadway favorites.  The 3 Broadway Divas have thrilled audiences around the world.

                    *Also available for piano, bass, and drums


“Orchestral musicians aren’t in the habit of smiling, especially wind and brass players, whose faces usually are busy elsewhere. They play their parts, do the conductor’s bidding and adhere as closely as possible to the composer’s wishes.  But many members of the Cleveland Pops Orchestra seemed downright giddy during the first concert of their 11th season Friday at Severance Hall. And they had good reason: they were teaming with a trio of captivating singers, the so-called "Broadway Divas," who scaled the musical-theater heights whether they were singing for their supper or going Lloyd Webber crazy.”

          - Donald Rosenberg – Plain Dealer Music Critic


“These ladies - Debbie Gravitte, Jan Horvath and Anne Runolfsson - don't need props, gimmicks or story lines. They do just fine with their glorious voices and larger-than-life personalities, and they had little trouble charming the audience Friday at the Holland Performing Arts Center.  The truth is this entire show's a class act, and there's a place for all of us at the repeat concerts.”

          - John Pitcher – World-Herald Staff Writer (Omaha, NE)


“But it was the singers everyone came to hear, and they delivered. The sumptuous trios, saucy duets and spotlighted solos were tailored to highlight each diva’s vocal virtuosity and charismatic charm. And let’s not forget the frequent costume changes, beginning with scarlet gowns and ending in cool shades of blue and bronze. It was one of the most well-rounded and technically and musically satisfying pops concerts in memory.”

          - Robert Coleman – Salt Lake Tribube (Salt Lake City, UT)